Satisfy your sense of adventure!

At Mellon Extreme Sports, we want to help you push your limits beyond the ordinary and into the extreme! We offer equipment rentals for experienced adventurers, instructor-led day excursions for intermediate explorers, and even introductory classes for novice daredevils.

Looking for an extra adrenaline rush on your vacation? Try one of our week-long adult excursions to extraordinary locations, where you can stretch your extreme wings in some of the most spectacular settings in North America.

Not enough vacation time saved up? Ask about our one-day adventures. These trips take advantage of the diverse environment in the Baltimore area, from the kayaking the bay to exploring nearby cave systems. Day trips are within an hour drive of the city, and last about six hours.

Introductory classes:

Motocross | BMX

Skateboarding | Sailing

Windsurfing | Surfing

Parasailing | Waterskiing

Upcoming tours:

Grand Canyon, Arizona hiking tour

Eagle River, Colorado whitewater rafting

Mount Ranier, Washington climbing tour

Death Valley, California ATV tour

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